Wall Street Journal – Suu Kyi’s Party Confronts Transition Pangs

By Shibani Mahtani | 6 March 2013

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As Aung San Suu Kyi’s opposition party seeks to morph from a symbol of defiance into a party that can actually govern Myanmar, it finds itself hobbled by an aging leadership and sniping from former supporters over compromises it has begun to make. Starting Friday, the National League for Democracy will hold its first national congress since its founding in 1988, a huge milestone in the country’s shift from military dictatorship toward democracy. But the party that for decades operated under repression faces several challenges in the transition into a competitive political organization in time for 2015 elections, when Ms. Suu Kyi has indicated she will run for president…

“Decision-making and influence within the party has been very much centered upon one individual. Even very senior party members defer to [Ms. Suu Kyi], unwilling to take decisions without consulting her,” said Daniel Gelfer, a director at political consultancy Vriens & Partners in Myanmar.