V&P on Bridging Asia

V&P’s Myanmar MD Romain Caillaud participated in the Bridging Asia debate series, produced by Channel News Asia in Singapore.  The topic: “Will Myanmar be a democracy in a decade?”

Follow the link below for the full debate, as aired live on 9th October, 2012:




“Myanmar is undergoing the most sweeping political reform in a generation. Seemingly almost overnight, Myanmar has liberalised its economy and released opponents of the government, including Aung San Suu Kyi, who is now a member of parliament. The reforms have convinced the West to start lifting its economic sanctions. Optimists say the country is on the path towards free and fair elections within a decade. But others note that Myanmar’s reforms could be stalled by on-going ethnic conflict and powerful conservative forces in the military. What will the country’s political situation be like 10 years from now?”