V&P Breakfast Briefing “Myanmar’s New Political Economy Takes Shape” – 20 June 2012

Vriens & Partners Breakfast Briefing, “Myanmar’s New Political Economy Takes Shape”, was held on 20 June 2012. It has been over a year since the government of Myanmar fast-tracked reform. The breakfast briefing, attended by more than sixty guests from leading multinational corporations and publications,  explored Myanmar’s political and economic trajectory as the country’s leaders struggle to negotiate the myriad challenges of reform. Our speakers for the breakfast briefing examined the prospects of current reforms in Myanmar and identified factors that could potentially disrupt the momentum of the reforms. Our speakers also argued that Myanmar’s new political economy is gradually taking on characteristics reminiscent of Southeast Asian economies in the aftermath of the Cold War in 1991. Ambassador Thaung Tun provided food for thought for potential investors when he advised that “there is risk going in, but one also risk staying out”.

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