The Straits Times: Suu Kyi’s party stays mum on choice for president

JAN 24, 2016 Nirmal Ghosh  | Indochina Bureau Chief In Bangkok

The son-in-law of former Myanmar strongman Than Shwe is among the military appointees named to state legislatures and the country’s new Parliament, which will convene on Feb 1. Brigadier-General Thein Naing has been appointed to the Yangon legislature.

Under Myanmar’s junta-era 2008 Constitution, 25 per cent of seats in both Houses of Parliament and state and regional legislatures are reserved for the military – a footprint that in effect allows it to veto any amendment to the Constitution.

But with a Nov 8 landslide electoral win, the National League for Democracy (NLD) controls both Houses – and now all eyes are on who will be the country’s next president.


“Aung San Suu Kyi has made clear that the next president will largely be in name, a political arrangement that will require the acceptance of the commander-in-chief and the military,” Mr Nyantha Maw Lin, managing director (Myanmar) of consultancy firm Vriens & Partners.

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