Political and Economic Risks in Southeast Asia 2012

Part of our regular Breakfast Briefing sessions, hosted by V&P’s Managing Partner Hans Vriens on the March 23rd.

With the on-going financial crisis in Europe and an unsteady recovery in the US, Western companies are increasingly looking to the Asia-Pacific region for opportunities and expansion. Although most countries in Southeast Asia continue to report robust GDP growth and compete for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), there remains myriad complex challenges to operating successfully in this diverse region. The growth of China’s economic and political influence in Southeast Asia, the on-going political crisis in Thailand, stalled reform in Indonesia, and opening up of Myanmar present a mixture of threat and opportunity for foreign investors. By leveraging the findings of the recently published V&P Good Governance for International Business Index, Hans Vriens and his team of expert consultants will speak on the macro political and economic trends that will shape the business and investment climate across the region in 2012 and discuss the challenges that many Southeast Asian nations face as they look to escape the ‘middle income trap’.