To build bridges between business, government and society that support responsible, sustainable development in Southeast Asia.



Our Work

1. Excellence

  • Unparalleled expertise in the sectors and countries where we work
  • World-class consulting standards in every market where we operate
  •  Continuous improvement—always striving to get better at what we do

2. Integrity

  • Commitment to ethical, responsible business
  • Ensure best-practice compliance with ethical standards and regulatory requirements
  • Be vigilant in defence of integrity and ethical standards
  • Work for clients who share our values

3. Independence

  • Place a premium on independent thinking
  • Be willing to challenge conventional wisdom

Our Service

4. Client-Focus

  • Clients come first—we exist for and because of our Clients
  • We understand our Clients—their business, their culture, their mission—and make their success ours
  • We are accountable to our Clients

5. Trust

  • Build trust—not only with our Clients but also with the governments and organizations we engage
  • Respect Client confidentiality as a core requirement

6. Professionalism

  • Maintain the utmost professionalism at all times

Our People

7. One Firm

  • Govern the firm as one-firm
  • Succeed and fail together
  • Maintain a flat, integrated organization

8. One Culture

  • Maintain a collaborative work culture that is team-driven and team-focused
  • Maintain internal meritocracy, where good work is recognized and rewarded
  • Maintain transparency in management and decision-making

9. Embrace Diversity

  • Build diverse teams in every country where we operate
  • Provide opportunities for all views to be aired and considered