The New York Times: “As Technology Entrepreneurs Multiply in Vietnam, So Do Regulations”

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam — Wandering through Glass Egg Digital Media’s open-plan office, Phil Tran paused beside a game designer’s cubicle and pointed at his computer screen.

A character sprinted across a digital landscape in one of the latest offerings from Mr. Tran’s company, which localizes international video games for online publication in Vietnam and designs 3-D art for games by Sony, Microsoft and Electronic Arts.

The government has imprisoned scores of bloggers in recent years. Vietnamese law bans private news media, and some industry professionals say officials are closing down social media websites because they have operated, at least to some degree, outside the state’s control.

Hans Vriens, managing partner at Vriens & Partners, a consulting firm based in Singapore whose clients include several major technology companies, said, “When they look at policy developments in the last two years, some companies worry that the government views social media and Internet-based businesses as a source of new threats to control, rather than a source of new opportunities to realize.”

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