Myanmar’s Awakening: Political Change, Economic Reforms

Vriens & Partners – the first international consulting firm to establish itself on the ground in Myanmar – has published an in-depth 40 page long report on the far-reaching political and economic changes underway and the current realities on the ground in Myanmar.

This report provides a post-election analysis of Myanmar’s political stability and an assessment of the potential steps and timeline for the lifting of sanctions against Myanmar. The report also provides a macro-economic overview (including key indicators) and an analysis of recent and upcoming economic reforms.  It will also examine the current role of the government in the economy, the condition of the private sector and review of the opportunities and challenges for foreign investors in Myanmar. The economic section contains a great deal of previously unpublished analysis and information.

Finally, the report will examine nine key business sectors – including Manufacturing, Hotels & Tourism, Oil & Gas, Financial Services, Real Estate & Construction, Agriculture, Hydropower, Mining and Telecommunications – and identify key domestic and international players operating in those sectors.

The authors of this report are resident experts with many years combined experience living and working in Myanmar.

Update: The “Myanmar’s Awakening: Political Change, Economic Reforms” report was published in April 2012. For more current reports on political and economic developments in Myanmar, please subscribe to our New Myanmar Reporting Service.