Europe Online Magazine: “Thailand building ties closer to home to counter Western criticism”

By: Cod Satrusayang | April 8, 2015

Spurned by the United States and the West after the coup in May, Thailand is shifting its diplomatic efforts eastward. But some analysts say the military junta is playing a dangerous game.

Bangkok (dpa) – Diplomatically spurned by the US and Western European countries over its military coup in May, Thailand‘s ruling junta is looking elsewhere for friends.

Prayuth remarked before his meeting with Medvedev that Thailand was interested in purchasing Russian arms.

“The coup represented a unique opportunity for both China and Russia,” said Pavich Supapipat, a government policy analyst at advisory firm Vriens & Partners.

“For years, Thailand was the only US ally on mainland South-East Asia but the friction brought about by the coup has let Russia and China move in to fill the void.”

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