DutchCham Breakfast Briefing – “Myanmar’s and Thailand’s Transformative Political Developments”

Hans Vriens, Managing Partner of V&P, will be speaking at DutchCham on “Myanmar’s and Thailand’s Transformative Political Developments” on 15 Apr 2014. Please find more details of the talk here.

Synopsis of the talk:

Amidst Myanmar’s growing appeal to foreign investors, neighboring Thailand is grappling with an ongoing political crisis that creates an increasingly challenging environment for businesses to operate.  Myanmar’s rapid pace of reform has improved rule of law, political stability, and openness to international trade.  Yet, as the country approaches elections in 2015, the government will be increasingly pressured to address key constitutional issues related to the decentralization of federal power, entrenched ethnic conflict, and Aung San Suu Kyi’s eligibility to run for office.

Who will be the key figures and institutions influencing Myanmar’s policymaking in 2014?

Will the role of civil society and the private sector continue to increase in its importance vis-a-vis government decision-making?

In contrast, Thailand’s protracted political crisis is destabilizing the business environment.  Bangkok is gripped by massive street protests aiming to replace Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and restructure Thailand’s government and political culture.

Can this stalemate be resolved be peacefully, and what is the future of Thailand’s political order?