Breakfast Briefing: “Cambodia at the Crossroads”

As Cambodia emerged in the early 1990s from decades of conflict, the UN led the international community in a major effort to end years of civil war, rebuild the country’s infrastructure, and set it on the path to peaceful democratic government. While pervasive violence is a thing of the past and the economy is growing under the long rule of Prime Minister Hun Sen, foreign efforts to construct a democratic form of government in Cambodia have achieved only limited success. But despite extraordinary persistence of Hun Sen, who has ruled Cambodia in various guises since 1985, Cambodia today is changing. Elections in July 2013 saw a loss of seats for Hun Sen’s Cambodian People’s Party, and new calls for change from the country’s people.

With Cambodia now poised at the crossroads, Sebastian Strangio, journalist and author of the recently released book Hun Sen’s Cambodia (Yale University Press, 2014)  discussed on March 26 where the country has come from, and where it might be headed.