Bangkok Post: “Myanmar election still on track despite challenges”

MANNY MAUNG | October 19, 2015

Fears that Myanmar’s landmark general election would be postponed have been allayed but experts warn there are sure to be several more bumps along the path to democracy.

Considered the first credible general elections for more than two decades, the Nov 8 polls were briefly cast into doubt by the Union Election Commission last Tuesday.

However, the business community has little to fear from the political upheavals that could ensue, believes Edward Ratcliffe, a Yangon-based political analyst with the firm Vriens and Partners. “

“As with the ouster of Shwe Mann from the chairmanship of the USDP, the recent uncertainty regarding the postponement of the election is another bump in the road to the polls on Nov 8,” Mr Ratcliffe told told Asia Focus.

“While there is little precedent for the upcoming election. Myanmar has got this far and should, we believe, muddle through.


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