For more than a decade, the ASEAN Business Outlook Survey has been the key barometer of U.S. business sentiment in Southeast Asia. Executives from both American and foreign enterprises as well as thought leaders from governments, academia, and non-government organizations across ASEAN rely on the survey to understand the opportunities and challenges for American businesses across the region.

2015 is a watershed year, as ASEAN will usher in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). This will not be the end of the process of regional economic integration, but marks an important milestone along the way. The AEC will bolster ASEAN’s attractiveness to investors within and outside the region, will boost trade, and will promote increased competitiveness. At the same time, ASEAN’s pursuit of preferential trade agreements with other major trading partners through the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, and other negotiations, complements the AEC.

This session will cover the results of the 2016 ASEAN Business Outlook Survey that will have been released only a few days prior to the panel.  The survey’s editors along with expert panelists on Indonesia, Singapore, Myanmar, and the Philippines will discuss both the results themselves and take a closer look at some of the underlying reasons behind the results.

Vriens & Partners Managing Partner, Hans Vriens, will be giving his insights as one of the panelists together with Fraser Thompson, Director, AlphaBeta and Steve Wilford, Director at Control Risks Group for this event.

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