ABS-CBN News: No more honeymoon period for Trump: analyst

January 20 | ABS-CBN News

Even before he formally assumes office, the honeymoon period for United States President-elect Donald trump was already over, an analyst said Friday.

International business analyst Hans Vriens believes that the honeymoon period is already over for Trump with the decline in his popularity ratings.

“The honeymoon is already over. His popularity has gone down so much already since elections. We have to be very afraid of what’s going to happen and his incoherent view of the world,” Vriens said in a phone interview on “Mornings@ANC.”

Vriens even went as far as advising the real-estate mogul turned president-elect to resign since he is “ill-prepared” to take on the presidency.

“Resign. I mean he’s so ill prepared. I can’t think of anybody who is worse. So I don’t know why he even wants this job,” he said.

At the eve of his inauguration, Trump promised to unify the US and do things that “haven’t been done for our country for many, many decades.” He will seat as the 45th US president, replacing Barack Obama.